With love from Guilford

14 May 2010

Dear Chilly,

You’re a dear friend and your roast clam specials are exactly that. There’s no place I’d rather eat more, on the road or otherwise.

With love from Guilford, Connecticut,

The Place
901 Boston Post Road

$10 says it's vaughn. that's the price of two lobsters, mind you.


2 Responses to “With love from Guilford”

  1. chilly said

    joseph, its definitely vaughan, no question, and ill see you on saturday and im bringing clams and wood and butter and cocktail sauce.

  2. Maggie said

    Lord I love The Place. Here’s what it did to me last time I was there: http://www.freckledcitizen.com/2009/08/tip-seesaw-tip.html. Time for my triumphant return, no longer flying from that faraway airport?

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